eduKUDU x i-STUDENTglobal

i-STUDENTglobal is the first stop for students considering studying abroad.

We help students, parents and education counsellors navigate the complex world of international education, with:

Useful information

Useful information and interviews with university staff, instudy experts and professional bodies.

Practical advice

Practical advice on complex topics like student visas, university applications, student finance and much more.

Unique insights

Unique insights and stories from past and current students who have been there and done it.

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eduKUDU x WhySTUDYHere

WhySTUDYHere invites individual students to speak about your institution.

You can use your WhySTUDYHere page as an additional marketing tool to show off your digital brochures, student testimonials, rankings and much more.

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